1) Chance has no role in any possible outcome. Each game has a pre-reveal option where the user views each and every outcome which may entitle him or her to win a prize, in the order in which it will occur. While on one of the game screens, simply touch the "View Prizes" button on and view each and every prize outcome. The prize outcomes are displayed in the order in which they will occur at the user's current play level and balance. To view the prize outcomes for a different game or different play level, the user may simply go to the desired game and play level and touch the "View Prizes" button.

           2) Skill Multi-games are comprised of single, stand alone, player terminal that offers various play themes. Players insert

money and may choose to play any of the themes on the certain game. These games are predominantly a game of luck and skill,

rather than a game of chance.

Thank you.